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Style explorations!

Miniature paintings with a new style.

Just the way I like it

Its black, its white, Whoo oo

and so the animation began!

I used flash CS3 for my film. It is black and white. No colors!

The boy and his Umbrella- The Characters


The boy and his umbrella- The making, III

In my final year, as an Animation student I was required to make a short film. Since I wanted my film to be original, I decided to make a film on the story I had written a year ago. The book and the animated film is way different form each other. I saw a potential in the story I had written and tried to improvise it. Now if I compare the book to the film, only the characters remain the same, else everything has changed!

I started with sketching various incidents in the story, started sketching the characters and tried to define their body language and behaviour.
Following are some initial sketches of characters. I was still working on the story then.
The more I sketched, the clearer I got about the story n the final script of my film.

There are only two characters, the boy and his grandfather. From the beginning I had pictured the grandfather to be lean and tall, half bald and with huge thick black frame glasses. And I wanted the boy to have a huge head, round and plump.

The boy and his umbrella- The making, II

I am a big Black n White fan, but one can’t ignore the beauty of colors! Here is the color exploration of the same. I have used mix medium to color these images. Watercolor patches covered by pencil strokes and black gel outlines.

The boy and his umbrella- The making!

'The Boy and his Umbrella' is my very first animation film, well, second actually. But this whole project is very special to me, and one of my dearest of works, so I decided to start my blog with it! Our course began with an assignment of writing and illustrating a story for children up to 8. Or between 5-10, have forgotten the details! not sure if I knew it even then! :)
So I came up with an umbrella story!