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can u guess?

...soon to be a coloring book for kids. Let them not be bothered by logic and reality.  It’s their time to imagine, explore and wonder.

you are being missed...dearly!!

In fond memory of my beloved orange umbrella! Some girls like bags, some like shoes or clothes but I like umbrellas. Love u my sweet sweet umbrella. Hope the person who found you is treating you well. Be it a crazy down pour or a cruel sunny day, you were always there. Your vibrancy also got me noticed many times ;). You were a good companion. You are irreplaceable.

2 years back I was gifted this really awesome, tall, bright orange umbrella and I made it more awesome by painting on it! Few months back I lost this umbrella in a Mumbai local train.

If you ever see it somewhere, you know whom it belongs to. Waiting for a miracle to happen :)