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Getting my hands dirty :)

My first time in a pottery studio, the whole time i was only worried about how dirty my hands, clothes and nails had become. But the end result was pretty amazing! I had made a tiny sheep and well I liked it a lot and the mess was worth it! The following summer I took up an internship at VISHVA-BHARTI, SRINIKETAN SILPA-SADAN. This is me trying to make something meaningful out of a lump of clay.

sticky affair!

This was a college assignment and the topic was to design a series of press ads for adhesive giant 'Fevicol'.
While most of my classmates were making use of the pre-existing image of Fevicol 'ye fevicol ka majboot jod hai, tootega nahi!', I wanted to take a different approach.
Around the same time Fevicol had come up with new packaging, it was easy to use and very convenient!. I decided to take it up and the theme of my campaign was: fevicol in new squeeze bottle!
I decided to go with illustrations, as it would be much effective to highlight the advantages of the new packaging over others.