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another of my streamers

After my successful attempt in making streamers (view it here) i went on using all the papers I have been saving for something special.

...guess I found it!

one bar of chocolate every day

...thats my mantra for happiness!
when I found, my room mate Shaifali also believes in it...I knew just the poster to make for her!

(ballpoint pen + dry pastels)

1 + 1 = 2

This is what S D Phadnis helped me learn in my class I by making cute little diagrams to explain maths and science. Open any Maharashtra State Board or Balbharati class I mathematics/science text book and you will find his illustrations there.

S D Phadnis
S D Phadnis lives in Pune and has kept generations amused with his humor. He creates the most amazing captionless cartoons and illustrations. His work is so inspirational and yet there is so little that is shared. Its sad that he is not well known out side of Maharashtra.  If you like his work please share it (link here). Let us appreciate such artists who have set the bench mark for the rest of us, who can only aspire to be as good as him. 
Images courtesy S D Phadnis (

Are U scared?

One A3 size paper,  a marker,  ball point pen,  photo ink  &  childhood dream to have a scary signage/poster on my room entrance...
(my parents did not entertain things stuck to doors and walls in the house)

...Its a shape shifting creature looking through the belly of another creature which works like a telescope. 
pretty imaginative huh! :)