The boy and his umbrella- The making, III

In my final year, as an Animation student I was required to make a short film. Since I wanted my film to be original, I decided to make a film on the story I had written a year ago. The book and the animated film is way different form each other. I saw a potential in the story I had written and tried to improvise it. Now if I compare the book to the film, only the characters remain the same, else everything has changed!

I started with sketching various incidents in the story, started sketching the characters and tried to define their body language and behaviour.
Following are some initial sketches of characters. I was still working on the story then.
The more I sketched, the clearer I got about the story n the final script of my film.

There are only two characters, the boy and his grandfather. From the beginning I had pictured the grandfather to be lean and tall, half bald and with huge thick black frame glasses. And I wanted the boy to have a huge head, round and plump.


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